2nd International Congress on Fire in the Earth System: Humans and Nature, July 4-8, 2023

2019 Abstracts

Fire ecology: flora and fauna

Increasing the Resilience to fire and climate change in Europe

Fires at the Wildland-Urban-Interface

Oral presentation

Field observation sheets to identify resilience to forest fires in Chilean Mediterranean landscapes
carolina ojeda leal, Kay Bergamini

Human & Social Dimensions of Wildfire

Wildfires today: A scientific and societal challenge

Fire and soil hydrology

Landscapes, fire and human perception

Post-fire management and restoration in Mediterranean Europe

Wildfire prevention and nature conservation: National parks in Central Europe

Recurrent fires and Geomorphological processes

Rural Challenges, Social Communication and Fire Risk

Post-fire management and restoration in Eastern Europe

Geospatial maps/products/services in the various phases of wildfire management and decision-makers

Oral presentation

Knowledge Exchange and Assessing Operational Readiness for WildFireSat
McFayden, B. Colin, Hope, S. Emily, Boychuk, Den, Johnston, M. Lynn, Richardson, Ashlin, Coyle, Matthew, Sloane, Meghan, Cantin, S. Alan, Johnston, M. Joshua, Lynham, J. Timothy

WildFireSat: The Canadian Operational Mission
Johntson, M. Joshua, Cantin, S. Alan, McFayden, B. Colin, DeBoer, Stephanie, Dufour, Denis, Lefebvre, Luc, Micael, Miriam, Houde, Genevieve, Thompson, Dan, de Jong, Mark, Crowley, Morgan

Wildfire impact and resilient methods of conservation of the natural and built heritage and infrastructure in urban and rural zones

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Wildfires

Oral presentation

Automated mapping of U.K. upland burning using Sentinel 2 imagery and Deep Neural Networks
Mike Shewring, David Douglas

Climate-driven changes to wildfires

Oral presentation

The influence of teleconnection patterns on wildland fire
Yuquan Qu,, Carsten Montzka, Harry Vereecken

Fire regime and forest management

Data-Driven Wildfire Research: From Forests to Health Impacts