2nd International Congress on Fire in the Earth System: Humans and Nature, July 4-8, 2023

2019 Abstracts

Fire ecology: flora and fauna

Increasing the Resilience to fire and climate change in Europe

Fires at the Wildland-Urban-Interface

Human & Social Dimensions of Wildfire

Wildfires today: A scientific and societal challenge

Fire and soil hydrology

Landscapes, fire and human perception

Post-fire management and restoration in Mediterranean Europe

Wildfire prevention and nature conservation: National parks in Central Europe

Recurrent fires and Geomorphological processes

Rural Challenges, Social Communication and Fire Risk

Post-fire management and restoration in Eastern Europe

Geospatial maps/products/services in the various phases of wildfire management and decision-makers

Wildfire impact and resilient methods of conservation of the natural and built heritage and infrastructure in urban and rural zones

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Wildfires

Climate-driven changes to wildfires

Fire regime and forest management

Data-Driven Wildfire Research: From Forests to Health Impacts